About Us

the history

In 1996, Canadian designer Charlotte McKeough reinvented the paper shopping bag, naming it "The Brave Brown Bag".  It may have caught your eye in highly regarded design and fashion stores in London, Milan, New York, Paris, and Tokyo... and maybe your were beguiled into thinking it was paper (sometimes it even looks like leather). Such is the charm of what some affectionately call their BBB. True to the aesthetic of its classic paper ancestor and virtually indefatigable right down to its pinked edge, the Brave Brown Bag is now a classic itself.





the maxim

"Fortune favours the brave" was taken from Charlotte's family crest. 

Chivalry aside, it suited the poetic 'braveness' of her design and was chosen as the company motto. The logo shows the profile of Max, a favourite black Labrador, who - like the bag - possessed great endurance; the wings were added as dear old Max had wandered off into dog heaven.




the milestones

In 2013, BBB introduces the Basic and Luxe lines.

In 2011, the BBB celebrated 15 year anniversary.

In 2010, the BBB was part of Fondo Ambiente Italiano's "The Hand of the Designer" presented at the Milan Furniture Fair alongside of 300 other selected international designers.

In 2006, the BBB was chosen for the patrons attending the Cooper Hewitt Design Award gala in New York City.

In 2003, The Brave Brown Bag won the Gold First prize in the fashion category of the prestigious Canadian Design Exchange Awards for style and sustainability.




the making

In 2004, the company moved from Toronto to a 4000 sq ft factory in Hespeler.  Once a mill town with a rich tradition in textiles, Hespeler is on the northwest corner of the city of Cambridge, Ontario, an hour west of Toronto. All designs are hand constructed in our atelier by a dedicated production crew. Old-fashioned craftsmanship wedded with our unusual textiles and innovative production techniques make the Brave Brown Bag a design to carry and enjoy for many years.